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Fine fishnet or stretchy lace; great tummy control in pull up style.   This net is your choice for best control and coverage! The power material stretches lengthwise but very little from side to side. Available in tan power net, black power net, black power lace or warm brown power net.   These pull up style body stockings are all net with narrow elastic in the legs and around the rib cage. 


The photo includes all of the power net/lace currently available.  The light tan is actually lighter than the photo; the photo was taken over a gray back ground. 


For those with long torsos, you may want to go up a size. 


Sizing A (small) - high hip 35-39 inches

Sizing B (medium) - high hip 40-45 inches

Sizing Q (large) - high hip 46-49 inches

Sizing Q+ (XL) - high hip 50-53


To attach to a costume bra or bra under a midriff top: sew small hooks to the inside of the bra and simply hook the top of the body stocking to the bra. If the net is sized correctly, the top of the stocking will not tear and will last many performances.  The hooks work best in the center front and near the top of the side straps.  I like to face the hook part towards the body.  I also like to add a hook in the very back but it isn't necessary for most dancers.


Clear plastic adjustable straps or elastic can be included with your order. This will add to the cost of each stocking. They can be sewn on but we don't really recommend attaching the straps to the stocking. The body stocking works best if pulled up by the fabric and not by the points where elastic is attached. Please use caution if using the straps to pull on or take off the stocking!!   Please include a note for Halimeda and an estimate of additional cost will be provided.



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Power Net Body Stockings

  • Air dry after each use. Hand wash with gentle soap in cold water and lay flat to dry. No bleach.

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