The belt base has slight silvery sheen for interest; the base is 5 inches long in the back and is lined.  There is black tapestry trim sewn on the bottom of the base; black beaded trim is sewn to the base with a varying length of 1 inch to 2 inches.


The tassels are handmade and attached with macrame and beads.  There are 9 tassels total and each tassel has multiple shapes of beads. The weight of the beads adds movement "swing" to the tassel. The longest tassel is 11 inches from belt base to end of yarn.  Belt is 39 inches long with two 32 inch ties. Belt ties in front. Made in U.S.A.


Moonless Night Black Tassel Belt

SKU: LBC4000
  • The belt should be air dried after use.  If washing is needed, hand wash in cold water with a non-bleach soap.