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Want to wear your beautiful costume but you know that the family event will not like the cleavage? And you don't want to modify the costume for the one or two events! We created the "boob tube". Lightweight, very stretchy tube top to go under a bra. Or use one of the opaque ones for a bandeau top.


Some photos show the full extent of the tube, these soft panels can be easily tucked very small to go under a bra. The nets and lace fabrics are sheer, soft and lingerie like. Other fabrics like the holograms and stretchy knits are reflective, less sheer, but still very soft and comfortable.


These "tubes" have elastic top and bottom; they are made full in the front and slightly longer. It is meant to be worn under a costume bra or other top to cover cleavage. This is the fabric tube only, the bra or other tops are not included.


Handmade by Alia Sews for Halimeda's Oasis. Made in U.S.A

Tube Tops in Very Stretchy Fabric

SKU: TubeTop
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