Golden soft plushy top. Generous cut and will not ride up. The tops have sewn in elastic with self fabric band around the rib cage. There is narrow elastic sewn in the neckline. The front is gathered in the center for a V shaped neckline. The sleeves are set in and very short with serged edges. The fabric stretches lengthwise but not widthwise. A larger cup size might indicate going to the next size up.


The sizes are as follows:

X Small - rib cage less than 22 inches. Matches closely with dress size 2 - 4. Please specify rib cage measurement.

Small - rib cage minimum is 22 inches with comfortable stretch to 26 inches

Medium - rib cage measurement 25 inches and stretching to over 28 inches

Large - rib cage size is 26 inches with comfortable stretch to 35 inches.

X Large - matches closely to dress sizes 18 - 20.  Please specify rib cage measurement.

XX Large - matches closely to dress sizes 22 - 24.  Please specify rib cage measurement.


Hand made by Alia Sews for Halimeda's Oasis. Made in U.S.A.

Antique Gold Choli Plush and Stretchy

  • Can be washed on gentle machine cycle. Use non-bleach detergent and hang dry.