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Halimeda's Oasis 
Dance Costuming

What we do...

Halimeda's Oasis has many beautiful, unique, and hand made items as well as quality imports.  We have so many unique items that it is impractical to put everything up on the web. We prefer to spend our time working directly with our customers via phone and email.  


We take our fabulous costuming to multi culture festivals, dance workshops, Renn Faire, and Pirate Festivals.  We would love to hear from you for your trunk show, festival, or workshop.


We like special requests for individuals and troupes!


There is a form on the bottom of the page to send a message to us. If you call,  leave a message so we can return your call; repeat your phone number at least twice in case the voice mail doesn't record the first one properly.

Contact Us

2609 Glover Road
Tallahassee, Florida U.S.A.

Thanks and we'll get back to you  as soon as possible!

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